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crisis management, reputation management
Bernstein Crisis Management Blog
crisis management, reputation management
Bernstein Crisis Management Blog
crisis management, reputation management
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crisis management, reputation management


Definition of a Crisis
Any situation that is threatening or could threaten to harm people or property,
seriously interrupt operations, damage reputation and/or negatively impact the bottom line.

Crisis Management Services


Consulting and training services delivered to you via WebCam—immediately and cost-effectively.

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Crisis Prevention

Crisis prevention, at its best, is the organizational equivalent of a medical full body scan. Bernstein Crisis Management offers and has often been a pioneer in the delivery of crisis prevention activities designed not only to prepare clients for potential crises, but also to make them crisis-resistant.

Crisis Response

Using effective strategy and tactics to avoid, or at least minimize, the negative impact of pending or breaking crises. In essence, fire-fighting. Crisis response addresses the needs not only of external stakeholders, but also of employees — because every employee is a PR representative and crisis manager for the organization, whether you want them to be or not.

Training Services

Jonathan Bernstein is author of the popular training/reference guide, Keeping the Wolves at Bay: A Media Training Manual, which is heavily focused on crisis-related media relations. The two decades of experience he brought to that publication he also brings to media training clients nationwide.

Crisis Simulations

Using Bernstein Crisis Management- or client-produced plans and procedures, agency professionals will conduct and/or oversee realistic simulations of crises that could affect the client organization.

Online Crisis and Issues Management

The Internet provides every organization with the greatest challenges, and the greatest opportunities, since the onset of electronic communication. Jonathan Bernstein and a number of his on-call consultants have extensive experience using the Internet to prevent or mitigate damage from potential or actual crises.

Sports Crisis Management

A crisis in the sports world is unlike any other. In this highly charged, media-driven industry, athletes, executives, sports organizations and institutions are exposed to intense public scrutiny fueled by fans hungry for information and a news cycle that never stops. Sports figures are tried by the media long before they step into a court of law. Reputations are destroyed overnight and in cases with legal implications, the right to due process is often compromised by the perceptions formed in the court of public opinion. A sports crisis must be expertly managed by professionals who understand the unique dynamics of the industry.

Social Media Crisis Management

With the heavy influence of the Internet and social media, social media crises have been stirring up for brands of all different industry types and sizes. This new breed of crises offers real-time repercussions for its victims and requires a pre-planned social media crisis response strategy in order to meet these real-time demands and minimize the possibility of attacks from going viral.

Search Engine Optimization for Reputation Management

Increasingly, one of the most essential crisis management tactics has been a form of search engine optimization (SEO) focused specifically on preserving and restoring reputation, when the crisis is already in progress, followed by creation of an "SEO shield" to preserve reputation going forward.

Strategic Reputation Management Planning

Reputation is any organization's or individual's most important asset. Bernstein Crisis Management recognizes that and can assemble a team to develop a Strategic Reputation Management Plan whose tactics are matched precisely to the plan's objectives.

Crisis Litigation Consulting

Attorneys are finding it increasingly useful to employ crisis/issues management public relations consultants when litigation is or may be involved with a case. Lawyers do battle in courts of law. Bernstein Crisis Management does battle in the court of public opinion, whether the publics are internal or external. These parallel conflicts are won more frequently when the forces work in a coordinated manner.

Crisis Management Training and Seminars Online or In-Person

In the post-9/11, post-Enron world, Jonathan Bernstein has been increasingly in demand as a trainer on crisis management-related topics, conducting one or two-day training sessions that can be customized for small groups of top execs or large groups of line-level employees. Training sessions can be delivered in person or interactively by webcam.

Bernstein can also deliver entertaining, topical and audience-involving presentations at conferences serving virtually any industry. He's the type of speaker who likes to leave the podium, sit on the laps of people who appear to be sleeping, and generally leave attendees both wiser and smiling.

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Crisis Management Services

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