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crisis management, reputation management
Bernstein Crisis Management Blog
crisis management, reputation management
Bernstein Crisis Management Blog
crisis management, reputation management
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crisis management, reputation management


Definition of a Crisis
Any situation that is threatening or could threaten to harm people or property,
seriously interrupt operations, damage reputation and/or negatively impact the bottom line.

Privacy Policy
Bernstein Crisis Management


We care about providing you the information and tools to protect and manage your privacy online. This privacy policy was developed to inform you about what information this web site collects, what we may do with the information, who may receive that information, and how long we keep it. While we have made every attempt to make this policy as clear as possible, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Your Information:

At no time will we give out any information you submit at our site to any third parties. Only in compliance with a request of a law enforcement agency will we provide your information. Under no circumstances will any information you submit to this site be sold to, or given to any other parties. We will never sell, lease, or rent any of your personally identifiable information or your business' information to any third party.

Collected Information:

This website currently has no applications or programs that gather information from your computer without your consent. Any information collected at this website is kept in our records only as long as is necessary to provide requested services to our clients.


If you have any questions about the practices of this site or this privacy statement, please contact us.

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