Imagine being able to avoid embarrassing, reputation-damaging and financially harmful crises such as:

  • IBM drawing widespread criticism from social media users after launching a women-in-tech campaign using the hashtag #HackAHairDryer;
  • Some clueless advertising folks at clothing company Forever 21 eliciting widespread anger with a shirt featuring the tagline “Don’t say maybe if you want to say no.”; or,
  • Disney having to apologize after releasing a Moana-themed Halloween costume that included a brown bodysuit.

If those organizations had used our® service, all of these gaffes could have been averted.

Through®, Bernstein Crisis Management offers clients a carefully selected cadre of experts with the experience, savvy and objectivity to provide brutally candid analysis and feedback that clients need to hear. In-house or retained PR/marketing advisors are often reluctant or not expected to speak as freely as we can. Our sole mission is to look at marketing, advertising and PR programs before they’re launched and figure out what could go wrong.

Some of the types of programs and plans® experts anticipate reviewing include:

  • Significant operational decisions, understanding that all such decisions have potential impact on reputation and the bottom line.
  • Any major advertising campaign, particularly the rollout of new ad slogans – e.g., advice on potential misuse by competitors, pop culture and social media.
  • Social media campaigns (e.g., Twitter hashtag) – their potential for hijacking and other abuse.
  • Offbeat or unusual humor intended for advertising or PR programs.
  • High profile speeches – ensuring that the content of important speeches by a celebrity or public figure will resonate as desired and, most important, not draw unexpected criticism.
  • Celebrity and CEO appearances before Congress or other legislative bodies – anticipating the worst that could happen before they step into the lion’s den.

Can we guarantee we’ll be 100% successful in preventing every possible crisis that might somehow be associated with® client initiatives? Of course not. We are fully confident we’ll dramatically reduce the risk through our rigorous analysis process. And, in the unlikely event that an unanticipated negative consequence does result, we will refund any fee paid to us for that project.

Pricing for the service will be on a project basis.


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