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November 29, 2011  



You have to be able to see the signs before you can read them.


                           Jonathan Bernstein   





The holiday season is well underway, and that means packed stores and slow web pages as everyone scrambles to get their shopping done. While this is typically a booming time for retail, it also presents many opportunities for trouble to rear its head.

While I'm sure most every retail business has prepared a holiday marketing plan, I'd be willing to bet a hefty sum that far fewer have prepared crisis management plans specifically for the season.

Want proof? Just take a look at one of the most outrageous events of Black Friday. We had a woman fending off fellow shoppers with pepper spray at a Wal-Mart who was able to finish shopping, pay for her items, and stroll out untouched by security.

Do you think they were prepared?

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          - Erik




In today's business climate, your reputation is your most valuable asset. Of course, it's also one of your most vulnerable. Social media has given word of mouth never before seen power, with some prominent Tweeters reaching millions of hungry eyes with every post, and believe me, when someone has a bad experience, they are more than ready to share.

If you're overwhelmed at the prospect of creating a reputation management plan, or simply want to learn more, including:
  • How to monitor online reputation
  • How to prevent reputation threats
  • When to respond to reputation threats
  • How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a role
  • Who should be responsible for online reputation management  
Consider Jonathan Bernstein's upcoming FREE webinar, Reputation Combat: Protecting Your Company's Online Reputation, coming Tuesday, Dec.13.

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By Erik Bernstein

We've got a slew of new posts for you at both the Bernstein Crisis Management blog and our Crisis Management blog over at Carter McNamara's Free Management Library. This bunch spans topics from when to keep your mouth shut, to how to open up and communicate with both corporate leadership and the general public.

The bizarre interviews accused molester Jerry Sandusky gave after his arrest weren't part of any sane crisis management strategy. In a special guest post, Rick Kelly explains When "Shut the Hell Up" is the Best Advice.

Convincing the C-Suite that you need a crisis management budget is often an uphill battle, but Jonathan Bernstein's got a couple of tips to get you on your way.

FEMA's National Test uncovered some glitches, but that's what it was for. The organization's open and honest interaction afterwards once again indicates that it's come a long way since Katrina.
Erik Bernstein
Erik Bernstein

You can't erase it, but, given the right tactics, you can Shut Down Negative Chatter online. It's not about slamming detractors, it's about fixing problems at their root and making sure everyone knows you've done it.

We've all become amateur reporters. The massive popularity of social media means it's rare for an event to go uncovered, and it's impossible to keep an incident contained. Welcome to the age of the

One of the first things I ask any business I work with is, Are You Vulnerable? While most point out one or two weaknesses to begin with, by the time I've finished a vulnerability audit every one is floored at the number of items on the list.

BofA Gets Brandjacked takes a look at the very first Google Plus brandjacking, which targeted the already-shaky reputation of Bank of America using a craftily forged approach.

While most businesses live in fear of negative feedback, crisis management experts say to Bring On The Hate! With proper preparation and handling, taking some flak will actually make you stronger.

Crafting the Ideal Apology is an art form, one that takes a confident but humble hand. Make the right moves, say the right things, and those you offended could become your strongest proponents.

Erik Bernstein is a freelance writer, BCM SEO associate, and editor of Crisis Manager.

What a crisis manager does to relax on his vacation


Costa Rica Rafting Nov 11

That's Jonathan Bernstein at center/left in the raft, with his wife Celeste opposite him, on a just-completed outing in Costa Rica.









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Jonathan Bernstein's Keeping the Wolves at Bay is an eminently practical guidance for anyone - business leader, celebrity, politician - who must willingly or unwillingly face the glare of media attention. It appears
at a moment in time when the social media and other digital communications have upped the ante exponentially.
Bernstein's practicum on media relations takes on renewed urgency as news, gossip, and opinion now drive
public perception virally and at the speed of light.

Richard Levick, Esq.
President & CEO
Levick Strategic Communications, LLC

Even if you think you'll never, ever be interviewed by the media, buy this book and read it cover to cover. It isn't a substitute for media training. But it will give you the tools and confidence to go head to head -- and possibly even defang -- rabid reporters, blood-thirsty bloggers and social networking buffoons who are out to besmirch your good name.

Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound 


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Write to Jonathan at: jonathan@bernsteincrisismanagement.com.

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