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Starbucks' Red Cup Controversy

Volume XVI, Number 19

November 11, 2015

Just a Thought
"In the real world, you either hold yourself accountable or someone else will."

- Nigel Dessau

From the Editor

The holiday season is always guaranteed to bring reputation issues for a few organizations, and this year it's kicking off early with a bit of controversy for the ever-polarizing Starbucks. Early this month, former pastor Joshua Feurstein accused the coffee chain of removing "Christmas from their cups because they hate Jesus" in a Facebook post that quickly went viral, amassing nearly 10 million views in just four days.

For those who aren't regular visitors to Starbucks, its new holiday cups are shades of red with none of their usual decoration, a design the Seattle sensation was quick to defend with a beautiful bit of communication. In a response shared with members of the media and to Starbucks' online newsroom, the Seattle sensation firmly dismissed the accusations of being anti-Christmas, explaining that the new design was created in the spirit of the cup doodling the company endorses, "encouraging customers to create their own stories with a red cup that mimics a blank canvas", and that "Creating a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity is one of the core values of Starbucks."

A clear, thorough explanation that clearly explained the thinking behind the design, along with expressions of compassion and acceptance for all made for an excellent piece of PR writing. The media coverage of the situation reflected as much, as Starbucks' statement was quoted repeatedly and extensively in every story I came across.

It's easy these days for people to read controversy into nearly anything one does, and for outrage to spring up from the slightest of issues. By responding quickly, in the right tone, and with just the exact right degree of reaction to boot, Starbucks came out of this one unscathed.
- EB

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