The Derby Restaurant – A Preventable Crisis

The reputation management assignments we get here at Bernstein Crisis Management often involve businesses whose customer service mistakes and/or poor quality control has really irritated a customer who just happens to be pretty savvy at how to make their displeasure known widely online. Even more often, the business itself is usually run pretty well, but the issue that got someone irate resulted from a poor judgement by a single individual and not an endemic issue.

Imagine what happens when such a business irritates a crisis management professional? Yup, it just happened to me, and I want to share the resulting Yelp review and then comment a bit further.

Read Jonathan B.‘s review of The Derby on Yelp

This was a classic example of a totally preventable crisis. Better quality control in the kitchen on a busy night would have stopped it altogether. Doing the right thing immediately when the first two orders were botched would have had us leaving as happy customers and a 5-star review. And GM Tyler Zikuski, when he called, could have said, “Hey, we screwed this up, let us have a re-do” and they would have received a five-star review.  Instead, while I hope I’m wrong about the direction of The Derby’s service, we won’t go there again.

Jonathan Bernstein