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Editor's Note: In the 03.01.02 issue of "Crisis Manager" I wrote of using Secret Shopping Techniques to assess an organization's vulnerabilities and preparedness for crisis. I invited reader response and two wrote in -- the first with a great prevention tip, given immediately below, and the second with what qualified as "two case histories for the price of one" that are featured in the !MANAGE THIS! section of this ezine, below. I love it when readers make my job this easy! And I am ALWAYS looking for new material, so please send in your submissions -- it's a great way to raise your own visibility and even develop new business. If you missed the original story, it's now archived at

Playing Reporter as a Secret Shopping Technique
by Samantha Lee Joos, Account Executive, LarsonO'BrienAcumen, ADV/PR

I am currently preparing one of my clients for communicating with the media in a crisis, or any, situation. Part of the preparation is to establish and implement company procedures to direct all media inquires to the company's main media contact. This is especially key because my client has several offices throughout the area and the media could easily call any one of them. Our procedures include forwarding all media inquires to that main media client because she is prepared to respond to those calls.

The secret shopping element is that once these procedures are implemented I will periodically call the different offices and pose as a reporter from one of the local papers. This will help me determine how well our procedures were communicated and how efficiently such calls are handled. I think secret shopping is great way to evaluate and can help give your client a true perspective.

Samantha sounds like she has a great future in PR. You can contact her at LarsonO'BrienAcumen, Pittsburgh, PA,


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Editor's Note: as regular readers of the ezine know, I periodically report on services that could be of use to we crisis managers and was recently made aware of PlanetFeedback ( It appears to have many applications for online rumor control; I haven't yet had the opportunity to employ its services for my clients, but I plan to. This is how they describe themselves.

PlanetFeedback products have been developed to help organizations across multiple industries cost-effectively obtain and leverage a 360-degree view of consumer opinion. Our mission is to facilitate faster and easier communication between consumers and companies. PlanetFeedback has developed two web-based technology products that may have immediate applications to Bernstein Crisis Management and your clients' businesses:

ExpressFeedback, our feedback ASP, will enable a company to jump-start its web-based feedback capabilities with an interactive and user-friendly process for consumers that enables them to capture direct feedback in a more usable format. They can even conduct 1:1 marketing with customized content based on each consumer's particular issue. ExpressFeedback integrates with existing consumer response systems and can incorporate data from phone, fax, mail, and other sources to provide you with one complete view of all your direct consumer feedback. Check out the recent implementations below: - University of Cincinnati - Hit "Students" - Hit "Contact Us" on upper right hand side - Hit "Write to Us" on bottom right hand of screen

BrandPulse(tm) is a desktop subscription tool that specializes in locating, capturing, analyzing and reporting implicit feedback (consumer-to-consumer buzz) from across the Internet's message boards, discussion databases and public forums at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. In addition to a new consumer lens for an organization, this can be a reliable early warning system for rumors and/or product issues that can impact one's business. With BrandPulse you can:

  • Identify and react to changing consumer opinions in real time
  • Monitor and benchmark your performance vs. competitors.
  • Measure consumer word-of-mouth buzz and detect harmful rumors to avoid crisis situations.
  • Identify opinion leaders and consumer mavens to improve viral marketing efforts.


Secret Shopping Helps Prevent Hospital Crises
by Ann Barks, APR, Ann Bark Public Relations

I wanted to pass on two of the best examples of secret shopping we did at a hospital where I was the PR director. We were hiring a new chef because our scores for patient satisfaction on food were horrible. He'd never worked in a hospital before, so before he came on board, he entered the hospital as a patient and spent two days on one of the wards. Now, not only did he see exactly how important food became to patients, but he also witnessed how part of the problem with the food was the people who served it - attitude! We immediately did the work we needed on both ends - but changing the menus, etc., took far longer than "blitz" training the servers and educating them to become ambassadors (so to speak) for the entire hospital since they had a rare, easy opportunity to interact with our patients. This was a good group of employees - no one had ever really taken the time to help them see how important their role was to the organization. So we might have just been lucky. But, we saw an immediate spike in the surveys, even before the food was overhauled.

The second example was when we hired a new Chief Information Officer. He spent his first day, before anyone met him, going from department to department as if he were a visitor and seeing how many computers were being left unattended while still logged on to the system and making access to confidential files possible. What an eye-opener for many people - we had prided ourselves on protecting such information but his observances focused much-needed attention on something really important.

You can contact and send fan mail to Ann Barks at Ann Barks Public Relations, Slidell, LA,


Q: I know you've written about how people with relatively little technical ability can easily use the Internet for activism against target organizations. But how easy is it, really? And how good are such sites?

CM: Ask SPRINT. I imagine they're less than thrilled about:

All of which show up pretty quickly if you do a search for "Sprint complaints."


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