We are a professional crisis management firm delivering the personal, boutique-style service our clients desire.
We can help prevent, prepare for, respond to and communicate about crises, anywhere in the world.

What is a crisis?

Any situation that is threatening or could threaten to harm people or property,
seriously interrupt operations, damage reputation and/or negatively impact the bottom line.

Crisis Prevention / Response / Planning

We help clients prepare for and respond to crisis situations of all kinds. Whether you’re looking to get prepared, prevent trouble, or find yourself in the middle of a breaking situation, we are ready to assist.

Crisis Management Training / Presentations

We deliver crisis management training around the globe. A variety of options – including online training sessions – allow us to meet the needs of any group or individual, teaching the skills you need when the going gets tough.

Crisis Management Education

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 Get feedback from our reputation management experts before risking your good name – we’ll help you steer clear of trouble.

Free Crisis Management Publications

We offer some helpful free resources written by real crisis management experts for your own education or to educate others.

Keeping the Wolves at Bay: Media Training

Crisis Communications Preparedness Checklist

30 Lessons from 30 Years of Crisis Management

Public Affairs Preparedness Checklist

From the BCM Blog

The Bernstein Crisis Management Blog features new posts weekly from our crisis management consultants about right-way and wrong-way examples of crises in the news, best practices and interesting research results. We also manage a second blog, with original material, at the Free Management library.