Recommendations for Bernstein Crisis Management



“Being a great crisis manager is like learning Chinese or running a marathon: we’d all love the accolade, but the amount of work it takes to get there is overwhelming. Even worse, the only way to get to mastery is through an excruciatingly painful process (that we’d prefer not to encounter in the first place).

“This is why, for more than a decade now, we have partnered with Bernstein Crisis Management to:

  • Save time: having on-call experts on the team is the next best thing to actually being one.
  • Save face: BCM is up-to date on every social network, including the ones you’ve never heard of. Their social outsourcing package should be a staple in every company’s budget.
  • Save money: the cost of consultancy pales in comparison to the price of a horribly managed situation. Perception is everything. Our brand reputation has value and protecting it should too.

In a world of smartphones, ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ has never been more true. Watching business leaders make poor decisions and say foolish things has become modern day entertainment. We aren’t a large company, but we sleep easy at night knowing that if the circus ever comes to town? Jonathan and Erik will help them leave quickly and quietly.”

-Mike Monroe, Digital Strategy Manager, Vector Marketing Corporation

“If you or your organization do not wish to suffer from either deserved or undeserved criticism from your actions or inactions, it’s incumbent upon you to call Jonathan Bernstein NOW. For while he’s reliably demonstrated time after time that he can help clients minimize damage after things have gone bad, he really earns his pay when he’s given the opportunity to show clients how to take proactive steps to avoid problems before they occur. Having worked in the crisis management field for most of my professional life, I can honestly say that Jonathan is one of the best practitioners on the planet. To seek his good counsel is an indication of your own management prowess, for it shows that you understand that protecting your organization involves much more than just hoping nothing bad happens.”

-Phil Cogan, former Director, Public Affairs at Export-Import Bank of the United States


“Jonathan Bernstein is the razor-fanged  zen teddy bear of the fixer world.”

-Greg Brooks, principal, West Third Group.

“When you get well known for what you do, the media will want to interview you, which is a good way to get your message out or, alternatively, to look really bad.  I’ve found that Jonathan Bernstein’s book and training are real-life preparation for whatever can happen, and they’ve helped me get the real stuff out there and keep out of trouble.”

-Craig Newmark, Founder and Chairman, craigslist


“If there is a better crisis communications expert than Jonathan I have no idea who that would be and I know a lot of them, including me. He is simply the most knowledgeable, well organized, and effective crisis communications expert there is. If my company had a crisis Jonathan would be the first person I’d call but the really smart people call him before a crisis hits because he knows how to prevent or at least diminish them. There are a lot of so called “experts” out there but Jonathan Bernstein wrote the book the rest of them read. When you hire Jonathan Bernstein you are investing in your future. When you hire someone else you are just spending money. I could recommend no one more highly.”

-Robert (Bob) Aronson, President of The Aronship Partnership

“Jonathan is a top-notch crisis counselor who I have called on periodically to answer my own questions about crisis communications. I have also referred my clients and others to him, with great results. If your company or organization is in crisis, or if you want to avert a crisis, hire Jonathan. He’ll keep you out of hot water.”

-Joan Stewart, President, The Publicity Hound



“Jonathan is THE “go-to” person if you have any type of business crisis. I can’t think of anyone who is more knowledgeable about successfully managing a crisis than Jonathan. I worked with him on a major environmental issue that my company had to manage…and it was MAJOR. Thanks to Jonathan, it was a one-day story and my company’s reputation was preserved…if not actually strengthened by the way we managed the situation. Jonathan is a pro and I can recommend him with no qualifications.”

-Ken Plonski, former director of public relations for Del Webb Corporation

“Jonathan is a great crisis-management public relations consultant. In my law practice, my clients often call me in a crisis situation. There is much I can do for them in the legal arena, but I tell them that if all their customers or employees leave them over the crisis they are in, then there will be nothing to fight over in court but a dead business. Jonathan consistently guides many of my clients through PR crises with wise, creative and objective advice.”

-Adam Treiger, Partner at Stowell, Zeilenga, Ruth, Vaughn & Treiger LLP



“When crises loom, Jonathan is the professional you want at your side. His breadth of experience, knowledge of the terrain, and judgment are second to none. His communications skills are spot-on. Jonathan works with wit and intelligence that serve his clients well. He’s definitely a “Great hire!”

-Alan Eggleston, Owner, e-Messenger Consulting Corp

“Jonathan’s help was invaluable in preparing the communication plans for our company as we sold off all of the various divisions on behalf of the owners. Some of the messages were particularly challenging and with Jonathan’s help we successfully communicated with all of the relevant stakeholders throughout the process. I could not have done it without Jonathan’s help.”

-Greg Mickelson, former CEO at The Mickelson Company LLC


“Jonathan was a delight to work with and very effective crisis communication expert. His knowledge, people skills, ability to assist clients in anticipating and handling crisis situations and anticipating issues to minimize institutional damage are second to none. He became and still is a tool I consider invaluable and recommend to clients whose needs or situations can benefit from his vast knowledge and skill sets. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him in the future as he is the consummate professional and adds value to the client service we try to deliver and it is appreciated by them. Highly advocate his services to others.”

-Charles Herf, Partner, Quarles & Brady Streich Lang

“Jonathan has a well-deserved public profile as one of the top crisis communication experts in the business. He has a knack for anticipating emerging issues and has developed an enviable array of invaluable tools to help his clients emerge successfully from any crisis.”

-Mark Towhey, President, TOWHEY Consulting Group Inc.