Marc Mullen

In a world where a president can affect domestic and foreign policy through personal tweets, organizations need to be ready to respond in a rapidly changing and contentious communication environment. Organizations must adapt to ‘the new media’ with new strategies and tactics. Marc brings specialization in not only crisis communications, but also issues management, change management, and organizational dynamics to the table.

Marc helps clients adapt by providing:

  • Organizational assessments to determine the ability to adapt to new communication capabilities
  • Strategic training to integrate capability of new technology for effective communications
  • Effective risk assessment, stakeholder mapping, and issue identification processes
  • Leadership and staff training to adopt new tactics and technology
  • Exercise planning, conduct, grading and improvement plans

Marc has developed deep subject matter expertise in a number of specializations, including:

  • Developing a vision for strategic response communication
  • Creating case studies and white papers about specific communication challenges and solutions
  • Providing counsel to enhance effective response communication preparation and strategies
  • Delivering strategic training modules to maximize response communications effectiveness
  • Direct experience in managing communications and providing strategic support or counsel in actual responses
  • Helping clients maintain stakeholder-sensitive communication in the recovery phase of incidents.