Celebrating 28 Years of Bernstein Crisis Management

Turns out you can “just” do crisis management…

A long time ago, in a strange and wonderful galaxy known as Los Angeles County, intrepid public relations expert Jonathan Bernstein took a leap of faith. Trusting his belief that a firm specializing in crisis work alone could succeed, he left his agency position to establish what would become Bernstein Crisis Management. Twenty eight years and about ten million twists and turns later and I feel I can safely say that was a good decision! Though the last year has presented challenges to us all, our flexible, internet-based company structure having been established many years back and of course our network of amazing contractors, referral sources, and clients across the globe have enabled us to continue to run full steam ahead, moving into 2022 with a clear idea of how we can better help the people who rely on us to weather crises of all shapes and sizes – whether it’s related to the ‘new normal’ or the million other curveballs that can come your way!

The idea that you simply can not play ostrich, hiding your head in the sand and hoping problems will go away, continues to be a guiding principle of our company, and we’ve been pleased to see more trainings, planning, and preventative work being scheduled already for the new year. It’s taken a while, but clearly the concept thatΒ every organization will need to engage in crisis management and crisis communications efforts at some point, if not regularly, has finally taken hold. To help, we continue to offer resources like a free media training manual, crisis communications and public affairs preparedness checklists, and of course the BCM blog. A few other offerings may be in the works but it’s a bit too early to mention them yet! For anyone out there on the fence about whether you might need a crisis management expert in your corner, our no-charge initial consultation offer still stands, and we’re more than happy to take time to sit down and figure out whether what we do is a good fit for your brand. Give us a call!

Before I bow out and get back to work I have to give a special personal shout out to my father, my mentor and lifetime professor of crisis management, not to mention the man with the hutzpah to take that leap of faith nearly 30 years ago. He may be retired but he’s never too far away! I couldn’t have done it without you JB. Thank you for everything, and here’s to the future!

Erik Bernstein