DVM Reputation Guard Program Details

We believe in a no-surprises approach to billing clients and would like you to be aware of the fees associated with the DVM Reputation Guard Program..

Charges associated with the DVM Reputation Guard Program

One-time setup fee per practice: $600 (due upon completion of your program registration form)

Setup includes research on your organization or practice, keyword research and discussion, discussion with your Reputation Guard representative and setup time for both analytics-based and manual monitoring, plus up to an hour of “first response” consulting to help you address any negative information/reputation challenges already on the net.

Ongoing monitoring and reporting: $150/mo (requires credit card auto-payment setup) or $1,500 if paid annually.

Your Reputation Guard representative will help you set up auto-payment with Paypal unless you prefer to set up an auto-payment through your bank.
Clients will be notified immediately of negative search results and will also receive a monthly compilation of search results analyzed/organized by the Bernstein Crisis Management team.

*Due to how the data from review listings are handled this service does not include coverage of review sites. For review management options visit YourReviewGenius.com

Reputation repair consulting, if requested by client:  Hourly consulting rates

Hourly rates for primary DVM Reputation Guard representatives – $125.  Specialists that may be recommended for certain situations – $100-250 hourly. Clients will be asked to pre-approve use of anyone other than a primary DVM Reputation Guard representative for any given situation, so no surprises will ensue on billing.


Note: Standard fees to non-AVMA members are 30% higher.
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