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If you need immediate assistance with a reputation issue, or have questions about the program,
call 626-531-1140 or email erik@bernsteincrisismanagement.com.

Welcome to DVM Rapid Review Response

Be fast. Be confident. Stop the damage.

Everyone’s seen them – those negative reviews that roll in on a morning filled with surgeries, when you’re short staffed, right as a holiday weekend starts, or minutes before management is due to be wheels up for a long flight.

We’ve heard the feedback – we know negative reviews that require a quick response are one of the biggest stressors veterinarians experience, and we’re here to help.

Provided as a bonus to your AVMA membership – Bernstein Crisis Management will ensure experts are available to assist you with priority response to those damaging negative reviews that need an answer, now, before they cost you business.

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If you're on a cell phone, press the button below to dial the AVMA hotline, or reach us via any phone at 626-531-1140.
Consultants respond as quickly as possible, though in some cases after-hours contacts may receive a reply the next day.

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