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crisis management, reputation management
Bernstein Crisis Management Blog
crisis management, reputation management
Bernstein Crisis Management Blog
crisis management, reputation management
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crisis management, reputation management


Definition of a Crisis
Any situation that is threatening or could threaten to harm people or property,
seriously interrupt operations, damage reputation and/or negatively impact the bottom line.

Crisis Management and
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Welcome to the Bernstein Crisis Management (BCM) website. Visitors here are usually looking for one of three categories of information:

Crisis Prevention / Response / Planning

Immediate assistance with preventing or responding to serious reputation threats and/or business interruptions, in which case you are urged to jump directly to the About BCM page or simply call Jonathan Bernstein, now, at (626) 825-3838. Bernstein Crisis Management team members have responded to situations around the globe and are available to provide assistance in-person, by phone, by webcam, or by other electronic means. And if your crisis is online, we have been pioneers and innovators in the area of online reputation management.

Crisis Management Training / Presentations

Identifying a crisis management expert who can conduct training or make a presentation — Jonathan Bernstein and his team members can provide a wide array of training, from one-hour presentations to multi-day workshops, from media training through crisis simulations. Anywhere in the world.

Crisis Management Education

Education in the field of Crisis Management public relations, in which case you are welcome to browse the more than 400 articles archived on this site (our Search function can be helpful in that regard) and/or to sign up for the free Crisis Manager newsletter, using the sign-up box on this page. Training and educational materials are also for sale at The Crisis Manager Bookstore. Collegiate bookstores often resell this material and some other public relations professionals use it to train their clients.

Keeping the Wolves at Bay—Media Training is the definitive "how to" guide for anyone who may have to deal with the media - live, by phone or online—whether they want to or not.

Keeping the Wolves at Bay, Media Training, Bernstein Crisis Management, crisis management, reputation management Even if you think you'll never, ever be interviewed by the media, buy this book and read it cover to cover. It isn't a substitute for media training. But it will give you the tools and confidence to go head to head—and possibly even defang—rabid reporters, blood-thirsty bloggers and social networking buffoons who are out to besmirch your good name.
     —Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

Keeping the Wolves at Bay brings readers the best of Jonathan Bernstein's nearly three decades of crisis management and media training experience, written in a style that's both entertaining and informative. The material in the book, in various earlier incarnations, passed the test of real crises for many years.

You may purchase Keeping the Wolves at Bay—Media Training through The Crisis Manager Bookstore. It is available in book form and pdf download.

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