5 Tips for Being a Better Crisis Management Consultant

Advice from an expert with decades of crisis management consulting experience

In my 35+ years of crisis management consulting, I’ve made a some mistakes.  And learned some important tips for being a better crisis management consultant.  Here are my top five:

  1. Don’t assume you’re being told the whole story initially, particularly by people who may be perceived, ultimately, as “at fault.”
  2. Don’t automatically default to legal counsel if they initially disagree with your recommended approach. Legal counsel isn’t always used to thinking in terms of what’s best for the client’s reputation.
  3. Do understand the laws that are most relevant to the type of crisis management clients you typically serve, a corollary to tip #2. In the case of Bernstein Crisis Management, for example, we have to be talented amateurs about laws regarding defamation, intellectual property, food safety, discrimination and more.
  4. Do be the smartest person at the table with regard to the role of social media in crisis preparedness and response. Be prepared, in the process, to do a little arm-wrestling with current staff or non-crisis consultants who THINK they understand this topic.
  5. Understand how to keep your clients out of trouble, not just how to help them when stuff hits the fan. Fire inspectors save organizations a LOT more money than fire fighters.

Have some tips of your own about being a better crisis management consultant? Drop me a line, jonathan@bernsteincrisismanagement.com, with permission to use your tip in a follow-up piece.  Full credit to the authors of anything we use.

Jonathan Bernstein

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