5 Tips: How to Select a Crisis Management Consultant

Erik Bernstein crisis management consultant

5 Tips: How to Select a Crisis Management Consultant Choose the right crisis management consultant with this advice from an expert First, what IS a crisis management consultant, at least in the world of PR? Well, the best analogy we’ve ever seen is that of firefighting. If you want to …

5 Reasons To Call A Crisis Management Consultant Today

Erik Bernstein crisis management consultant

Do you need a professional opinion? While it’s an established best practice to make crisis management a part of day-to-day business, we know the reality is that not everyone has room on their plate to truly make it a priority every single day. That said, it’s important to remember there’s …

4 More Tips For Being A Better Crisis Management Consultant

Erik Bernstein crisis management consultant

Looking to improve your crisis management consulting skills? Take these 4 tips to heart. We find that people who gravitate towards crisis management – as we so often say, “whether it’s in your job description or not” – have a thirst for learning, regardless of whether they’re looking to break …

5 Tips for Being a Better Crisis Management Consultant

Erik Bernstein crisis management consultant

Advice from an expert with decades of crisis management consulting experience In my 35+ years of crisis management consulting, I’ve made a some mistakes.  And learned some important tips for being a better crisis management consultant.  Here are my top five: Don’t assume you’re being told the whole story initially, …

5 Crisis Management Questions for Jonathan Bernstein

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Bernstein Crisis Management president shares valuable insight in latest interview We were honored recently to have the Baltimore Sun’s Candy Thomson sit down with our very own Jonathan Bernstein for an interview as part of the paper’s “5 Questions” series. The BCM Blogging Team https://www.bernsteincrisismanagement.com/

Protect Your Berries!

Jonathan Bernstein crisis management, crisis management consultant, Crisis Prevention

A BlackBerry containing information from both British cabinet members and the ex-deputy prime minister was recently recovered by UK police after being sold by a homeless man in South Yorkshire, England. This story from CrackBerry.com caught my eye because of the extremely lax way the owner of the phone (obviously …

Nine Years Young!

Jonathan Bernstein crisis management consultant, crisis manager, Journalism

Hopefully my readers will forgive me a bit of horn-tooting here as I celebrate another successful year for Crisis Manager! This newsletter has been a major part of my life – publishing two issues a month, every month, with very few exceptions during its entire nine-year run. I’d like to …

The Role of Search Engine Optimization in Crisis Management

Jonathan Bernstein crisis communications, crisis management, crisis management consultant

What if a search using keywords associated with your business returned: a vicious blog started by a disgruntled employee or if 75% of the results were critical of you and your business your name prominently and negatively reported on legitimate websites like the Better Business Bureau or on known complaint …