8 Data Security Tips for Small Businesses [Infographic]

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Understanding how to keep your data secure

[Editor’s note: This guest post came to us from the experts at Australia-based The Service Manager. If you have a submission you think may be a fit for our blogs we’d love to see it, contact erik@bernsteincrisismanagement.com for more information.]

Data security, among other issues, is one the topmost priorities across different sectors today. In 2016, over 169 million personal records were exposed through data breach by individuals or groups who are not supposed to have access and control over the data. That is why regardless of what industry you belong in, being prepared on accidents like data breach and other forms of cyber attacks has never become more imperative than today.

Many companies and organization have already been using computer systems to keep their day to day operations up and running. But like a double-edged sword, these systems also expose a business to unfathomable number of data risks and threats- including data breach, which can cost a business a significant amount of money to fix. That said, implementing a rock-solid and holistic data security measures can help a business to mitigate these risks.

Way back then, only big companies have both the duty and the capacity to protect their data against any risks. Nowadays, even a local shop can gather and store important customer information in their own computer database, conduct purchase transaction online, and even transfer money using electronic banking. A lot of confidential information are being produced during these activities, so to ensure its safety, investing in data security systems can help protect these data against any hacking and data breach attempts.

However, a mere data security system wouldn’t suffice if there are no solid data security policies being implemented within the business premises. While advanced tools can act as a deterrence to any hacking attempts, a strong footing to fundamental security policies can immensely help a business protect its confidential business information against any risks. To help you out, we present to you this infographic from The Service Manager which will give eight useful tips to strengthen the data security in your business.


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