Another Professional Opinion

Jonathan Bernstein contingency planning, crisis management, crisis preparation, PR resources

“Perhaps not surprisingly I have recently had discussions with a number of CEOs concerning what politely we call Contingency Planning, or more brutally, Crisis Management. These discussions have ranged from a charity wanting advice in order to be prepared for difficult questions concerning donations, to companies investigating business-threatening product and organizational scenarios. Luckily, none of these discussions has yet turned into a real-life crisis, and taking our discussions further we hope to prevent or reduce any negative outcomes at such time when that happens. What it reiterated to me was that, even in sophisticated organizations crisis management is often swept under the carpet, until it is too late.”

If the quality of insight from emerging UK PR blog So Blog keeps up it will be more than worth keeping an eye on. The Crisis Management field could always use more professional voices out there sharing ideas and methods, what do you have to say?


Jonathan Bernstein