Celebrating 30 Years of Bernstein Crisis Management

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Celebrating 30 Years of Bernstein Crisis Management

The big three-oh! This year, Bernstein Crisis Management celebrates thirty years in business, and thirty years of proving critics who weren’t shy about proclaiming, “You can’t manage a crisis!”, wrong. As we celebrate this milestone, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on our journey, the evolution of crisis management, and the ever-increasing relevance of our work in today’s world.

From the early days, BCM founder Jonathan Bernstein had a clear vision. He sought to educate those thrust into crisis management roles, whether by design or circumstance or, as he put it, “whether it’s in your job description or not!”. His mission was to empower organizations to take a proactive approach to crisis management rather than merely reacting when a crisis hit. Truly managing a crisis, rather than allowing a crisis to manage them. Above all, he committed to delivering ethical, responsive, top-tier service to our clients. This vision has guided us through three decades of service, during which we’ve stood alongside hundreds of leaders and organizations, helping them navigate some of their most challenging moments. I’m proud to be a chip off the ol’ crisis manager, and to carry that legacy forward with my own work in the field.

 “You’re not getting older; you’re becoming a classic!— Betty White

The world has witnessed seismic shifts in the last 30 years, including absolute game changers in the advent of the internet and the rise of social media. Through the many changes in how information spreads and crises unfold, I’m proud to know that BCM has consistently stayed ahead of the curve, adapting strategies and tools to meet the demands of a digital age, understanding that today’s crises unfold at an unprecedented pace and scale, and recognizing that, at their core, crises are still about people, regardless of how we interact.

This past year was marked by yet another nonstop barrage of deeply polarizing politics which increasingly drew unwitting organizations into difficult positions, a heartbreaking number of mass casualty events in every venue imaginable, and cybersecurity breaches which cost companies fortunes, not to mention natural disasters and unprecedented storms around the world. Each event has reinforced the undeniable need for competent crisis management.

As we look to the future, the lessons from the past 30 years are more vital than ever. We understand that crisis management isn’t just about handling the immediate situation. It’s about understanding the long-term implications, maintaining a steadfast commitment to ethics and integrity, and continuously learning and adapting. It’s about being prepared for the unexpected and having the agility to respond effectively.

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we renew our commitment to guiding organizations through crises with foresight, strategy, and unwavering integrity. We look forward to continuing our journey, evolving with the times, and always being ready to help our clients turn potential disasters into stories of resilience and recovery. Here’s to the next thirty years and beyond, as we continue to prove that not only can you manage a crisis, you can also, with the right team and approach, emerge stronger on the other side.

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