Fay Fizzles – Post Storm Report

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Well, I wish I could tell you that I did all kinds of heroic crisis manager kinda things as the hurricane crashed upon us, but…although Tropical Storm Fay came ashore just a couple of miles south of us, I’ve seen worse rainstorms in Southern California. No harm here at my mom’s condo whatsoever, some scattered power losses in the area, and it was easy to drive around by early afternoon.

But I still wanted to have fun and bring you another video report. The poor broadband connection I have here with only my Sprint broadband card impacts the synchronization and recording quality of the video, but I’m still enthused about the use of SightSpeed and other services that make it easy to report quickly after a disaster or incident. You’ll need a strong broadband connection yourself to view it quickly after clicking on the triangular “play” icon.

Jonathan Bernstein
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