Internet: The Ultimate Medium

Jonathan Bernstein crisis management, Journalism

I wrote an article a couple of years ago that is even more pertinent and true today. The Internet is the Ultimate Medium and it can be a cross between tabloid journalism and a gladiator competition, between Pollyanna and Pandora, where minds meet and merge, clash and clamor and where you can get more of anything you want than was ever available at Alice’s Restaurant. This massive medium is where the line between amateur and professional, traditional and untraditional media is blurred beyond recognition and I have a term for it: the I-Reporter (a term I coined before CNN started using it routinely).

What can this mean to a business that unexpectedly comes under attack? Organizations have always had to deal with individuals who disagree with their policies, dislike their products or services, are disgruntled former employees, or who just have had a bad experience with a receptionist. Now these individuals have a forum for venting their displeasure. And they become: the I-Reporter.

Negative online commentaries are difficult for any business to deal with and can impact sales directly if not addressed. But with the right approach, a strong strategy will help the company weather this crisis.

Bernstein Crisis Management has developed a number of successful crisis management strategies to manage these online complaints. If your company is experiencing online negative commentaries and would like discuss your options, contact me.

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Jonathan Bernstein