Jonathan Bernstein Speaks Out About Crises in the News

Crisis Management Media Interviews


03.02.15 International Business Times Will SeaWorld’s New Marketing Campaign Keep It Afloat In The Wake Of ‘Blackfish’?
02.11.15 WSJ Video Jonathan Bernstein talks to Wall Street Journal Video about Brian Williams
02.03.15 The Baltimore Sun Episcopal leader suspected Cook was drunk days before installation as bishop
12.31.14 Stars and Stripes NFL Domestic Violence – AP’s Top Sports Story of 2014
12.12.14 International Business Times How Do Amy Pascal And Scott Rudin Recover From Sony Email Leak? A Crisis Management Expert Weighs In
The Crisis Intelligence Podcast 30 Lessons In 30 Years of Crisis Management With Jonathan Bernstein (Part 1)
30 Lessons In 30 Years of Crisis Management With Jonathan Bernstein (Part 2)
09.24.14 CustomScoop media bullseye Chats with Chip #1: Jonathan Bernstein of Bernstein Crisis Management
09.12.14 Associated Press Many Obstacles Stand in Rice’s Path to a Comeback
08.25.14 CNN Jonathan Bernstein’s interview with CNN’s Michael Smerconish
04.30.14 The Courier-Journal Horse racing suffers from a perception problem
01.16.14 The Star Tribune Target CEO Steinhafel apologizes, seeks to reassure customers
10.26.13 St. Paul Pioneer Press Ruben Rosario: To regain trust, Twin Cities archdiocese will have to come clean
08.23.13 International Business Times Why Big Pharma Companies Don’t Care What You Think About Their Scandals In China
06.14.13 The Baltimore Sun Five questions for Jonathan Bernstein
01.16.13 ShineOn Yahoo! Canada Why celebs like Lance Armstrong choose Oprah for their confessions
11.21.12 The Financialist Trial By Sandy: Bloomberg Weathers the Storm
11.21.12 U.S.News & World Report Jill Kelley Retains High Profile Crisis Manager, Despite Reportedly Being In Debt
08.17.12 Progressive’s tardy, tepid response slammed on social media
08.10.12 U.S.News & World Report Good Deed Gone Viral Creates Web Headache for Travelocity
07.24.12 Warner Bros. to contribute to Aurora relief fund; PR pros say studio handling crisis with care and compassion
07.17.12 The Morning Call Paterno family lashes out at Freeh Report findings
07.16.12 Associated Press Paterno family denies Louis Freeh report findings
04.03.12 Los Angeles Times Ground beef processor files for bankruptcy, blames
‘pink slime’
03.20.12 PR Daily PR disasters averted: 7 cases of good crisis management
02.17.12 PR Daily CEOs too scripted, not authentic enough, business bloggers say
11.08.11 Entrepreneur How to Maintain Clients’ Trust While Managing a Crisis
10.05.11 Toronto Star The selling of Amanda Knox
06.10.11 Business First OSU scandal becomes lab on managing a crisis
04.28.11 Engineered Wood Journal The 10 Steps of Crisis Communications
01.28.11 PR Week Corporations need new outlets to build trust
11.19.10 PR Week Rolls-Royce’s silence has both pros and cons
10.21.10 NIOA News Fighting Back: The Journalistic Ethics Code
07.20.10 PCWorld IPhone 4 Antennagate Won’t Hurt Apple’s Image, Say PR Experts
06.01.10 Bloomberg Jonathan talks with Lori Rothman about the Obama administration’s management of the BP oil spill.
04.30.10 Bloomberg Bernstein Says Goldman Now in ‘Damage Control Mode’: Video
03.08.10 Business Insider How to do a product recall the right way
09.29.07 Montreal Gazette Recalls cast a shadow over toy industry
02.15.07 USA TODAY Mental health groups slam Volkswagen ad
02.13.07 Forbes Taking The Plunge
12.28.06 Pittsburgh Post Gazette What to take away from the blunders of 2006
07.31.06 BusinessWeek The Masters of Disaster
06.15.06 USA TODAY Hurricane prep work rings up sales
03.10.06 San Diego Union-Tribune Hospital’s quick response crucial, crisis experts say
12.11.05 USA TODAY Southwest’s ‘goodwill’ should keep fliers
10.11.05 Aero-News Network Stolen Jet Turns Up
09.06.05 Daily Tar Heel U.S. leadership blamed for chaos
12.21.04 BusinessWeek Pfizer and Merck: Different Strokes
08.25.04 Christian Science Monitor Gosh, I wish I hadn’t said that!
08.04.04 St. Petersburg Times With threat of terrorism, visibility can be a liability
02.01.04 Forbes Wal-Mart goes on PR offensive to repair image
01.12.04 CBS News Jacko Fans Fight Back
01.11.04 The Taipei Times Americans staying calm about beef
12.31.03 USA TODAY Don’t ignore mad cow, PR experts warn
11.19.02 BBC News Online WorldCom investor hires Giuliani firm
11.14.02 ESPN Johnson’s statements open media campaign
08.27.02 Christian Science Monitor Dynasty of domesticity in a legal pickle


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