Keeping the Wolves at Bay Reviewed

Jonathan Bernstein crisis management, Keeping the Wolves at Bay, media training

The most powerful men and women in the world today often find their hands shaking and words tumbling out in every direction except the correct one when faced with talking to the media.  There is something about that spotlight that makes us forget we are intelligent beings with something worth saying.  Jonathan Bernstein understands this and has come to the rescue. He has written  Keeping the Wolves at Bay: Media Training to help all those who come into contact with the media learn to respond with finesse. 

This quote from the blog of Joyce Anthony, which features regular book reviews and author interviews, explains exactly why anyone who may come into contact with the media will benefit from BCM President Jonathan Bernstein’s newly revamped book “Keeping the Wolves at Bay: Media Training.” For more information about both the book and the upcoming book tour, click here!

The BCM Blogging Team