Xobni — SUPERB add-on to MS-Outlook

Jonathan Bernstein crisis management

I know it’s off-topic for this blog, but I am simply blown away by the utility of a free MS-Outlook add-on called Xobni (spell it backwards). I’ve been online since 1982 and gone through every version of Outlook (and its predecessors) over the years, and I have to believe that the Microsoft team is KICKING itself for not integrating features like Xobni provides into Outlook. And I am guessing that the developers of Xobni are positioning themselves for a Microsoft acquisition — every entrepreneur’s dream.

I learned about it in a PC World review that explains it much better than I can. All I can say is that it’s time saving, gives me access to information that makes my business run better, and has a lot of potential to be even further improved, if you read what’s posted at the Xobni website.


Jonathan Bernstein
Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc.