2017 Harris Reputation Quotient Ratings Reviewed

Learning from the success, and mistakes, of others

Though there’s always a bit of debate over precisely how they’re measured, annual polls like the Harris Reputation Quotient are useful because they track shifts over time. For crisis management consultants this is an excellent opportunity to study how tactics of all kinds played out in the real world. Here’s a look at the top 100 from Harris’ 2017 results:

No matter what industry you may be in it’s important to be learning how to improve your crisis management and reputation management ability from those who are doing it best – and avoid taking notes from those who are doing it worst. Spend a little time Googling and figure out why some companies are repeatedly towards the top, along with why some have taken big tumbles downward in 2017, then apply those lessons learned to efforts within your own organization as opportunity arises.

Erik Bernstein


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