3 Hot Takes On Crisis Management PR in 2019


As we step firmly into 2019 I thought I’d sit down for a few hot takes on the top crisis management issues of the coming year. Here are three that have been top of mind:

  1. “Trickle down” from national and global issues will impact day-to-day business for small business and not-for-profits more than ever before. Regardless of where you fall in terms of politics it’s impossible to deny this growing trend. Some of the most predictable issues include problems with areas like the supply chain, along with with the regulations that determine where and how you’re able to operate. And, of course, the reputation issues that inevitably accompany any change to the service your stakeholders have come to expect.
  2. Bad behavior will continue to be exposed on a grand scale. We’ve been saying this for many years now and it only becomes more true. The combination of society being saturated with recording devices and the cultural movement towards outing those who can’t seem to respect appropriate boundaries in their words, actions, and choices mean more bad behavior will be exposed than ever before. A lot of organizations are stuck in “it can’t happen to me” mode on this one. Believe me, if you took a deep dive into nearly any closet you’d find a few skeletons rattling around.
  3. More smart organizations will prepare before running into crises. Hey, it’s not all doom and gloom even in the world of crisis management! 2018 continued an upswing in the number of groups we saw engaging in active training and preparedness in an effort to reduce the total impact of problem situations, and if our calendars for 2019 are any indication we expect that to continue! If you’re part of your organization’s efforts to get ahead, kudos to you.

Prepare for the predictable, and be ready to adapt when the unexpected tries to ruin your day. That’s the type of motto that will keep you around and prosperous well through the year.

My best to you and yours,

Erik Bernstein

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