Obama: Crisis Manager

Jonathan Bernstein communications, crisis management, public speaking, reputation management

The President of the United States is the most prominent crisis manager in the world. His entire job revolves around crisis management, reputation management, and communications on a scale few can truly understand. A recent CNBC story gives our newest President high marks.

“I think he understands communications better than any president I’ve seen,” adds legendary public relations executive Howard Rubenstein. “He understands the media, that you can tell your story through the media. Also, Obama is at home in talking to the public.

Observers and analysts say Obama has been in virtual campaign mode since his short vacation after the election, with a daily dose of public appearances and speeches both in and out of Washington. The President has also continued to utilize the extensive web-based community he built during his candidacy to support the man and his mission.

Like him or not, there’s no denying the man is an expert at public speaking and communicating in general. Follow the link for the whole story with even more expert opinions, including a couple of tidbits from yours truly!


Jonathan Bernstein