Storm Cum Hurricane Fay Headed my Way!

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What better place for a crisis manager to be than directly in the path of an oncoming hurricane? I am temporarily resident in Naples, FL, visiting my mother in her condo, which is located approx. 1/2 mile in from the Gulf. This is the end of a two week swing through the Southeast, checking out possible future semi-retirement locations, and MY plan was to go home on Tuesday afternoon. However, man plans, God laughs, and barring a currently unforeseen DRAMATIC turn Fay will be squarely overhead on Tuesday. So what type of contingency planning does a crisis manager do?

  • Ensured that my mother is fully stocked with survival supplies
  • Filled both her car and my rental with gas
  • Established primary (phone, cellphone, SPRINT PCS card powered email for my notebook computer and my mom’s ISP/cable for her computer) and secondary (Blackberry PIN) communications channels with family and other contacts out of state
  • Asked my travel agent to hold a flight out for me Wednesday afternoon on an airline OTHER THAN the one on which I’m already booked for Tuesday, in case rescheduling with the latter is difficult
  • Washed my dirty travel clothes in mom’s washer while we know we have electricity (hey, clean underwear if the a/c goes out will be particularly good for morale, y’know?)
  • Made arrangements with my SEO expert/website designer/blog guru Chesa Keane to maintain messages about the storm-in-progress for me on this blog in the event that I’m knocked offline but can relay text to her via one of the aforementioned means.
  • Ensured that all my devices are fully charged.

I hope to be able to upload pics and maybe even some streaming video. The connection in this part of town is weak at best, unfortunately, but I’ll do my best!

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