Why Your CEO’s Ethics are More Important Than Ever

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Leadership is under the microscope like never before

While overall forced turnovers are in decline, the proportion of CEOs being fired for ethical issues is on the rise. The percentage remains relatively low, but the trend is one all organizations should be aware of. The US and Canada have seen the number double to 3.3% from the four years ending in 2011 to the four ending in 2016. Other regions have seen more serious climbs – for example in Brazil, Russia, and India the numbers nearly tripled, hitting almost 9% of all CEOs fired in those areas.

Increased focus from legislators, never-before-seen levels of awareness from board members, and of course loads of attention from stakeholders – whether they’re investors or reporters – which makes ethical slips front-page news. All of these factors combine to make ensuring your CEOs ethics are on point a priority for staying in “business as usual” mode these days.

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