CitizenAID: Free App Saves Lives in the UK but Not Yet in the US

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A free app from the UK could help save lives when mass attacks strike

While formal first aid training is something everyone should go through at least once, reality is most won’t even have it cross their radar. An app, on the other hand, is easy to digest – which is why it’s such a brilliant delivery vehicle for information that could save lives. CitizenAID is a free app designed to help your average person provide potentially life-saving treatment for victims of a mass attack. There’s one issue – being a joint effort between a number of UK organizations, this app is not available in the U.S.

While we have some great apps from the Red Cross and other life-saving organizations, we don’t have a complete and concise mass attack response app that’s widely circulated here in the States. And now I ask you, why not? No matter what the crisis, we seem to have a serious issue with only creating solutions after the worst has happened. If anyone out there is working on a similar app, or has one complete and I’ve overlooked it, get in touch at We’d love to give you some visibility.

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