Crisis Management Quotables…Because It’s Not Always Sunny!

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Prepare before trouble appears and reap the benefits

Working for an organization that is, by its very nature, in the news every single day is a surefire way to learn a bit about PR. Add to thatbook pages turning soft focus daily experience with high-level press releases and analytics that explore the latest in market news, events, and their effect on the organizations involved, and you have a serious knowledge bank from which to pull. Mike Piispanen, VP of Corporate Solutions at NASDAQ, has plenty of experience to share, as in this Crisis Management Quotable:

“You want to do crisis planning on a sunny day.” — Mike Piispanen

If it’s tough for you to find time to plan for crisis management now, how are you going to find space in your schedule while juggling the pile of new responsibilities that accompany a crisis situation?

We get it. It’s easy to procrastinate when you don’t have a big ugly situation staring you in the face. You have to actively picture the negative consequences of not being prepared – unnecessary damages, lost reputation, and lawsuits to name a few – in order to drive a sense of urgency about being prepared.

Use the good days to prepare for the storms, or you may find yourself up a certain creek and lacking a paddle.

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