Why 2024 Should Be the Year of Crisis Preparedness for Your Brand

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If you lost a major operations center overnight, if you were served papers for an unexpected lawsuit, if one of your execs went ballistic on social media right now, would you have a structure and a plan to support your brand through difficult times? If the answer’s no, then getting properly prepared to address crises should be at the top of your list of resolutions for 2024.

Why This Should Be The Year Of Crisis Preparedness For Your Brand

Erik Bernstein crisis management

Would you be ready if you needed crisis management today? While we’re seeing more interest in crisis planning and preparedness work than ever, it’s a simple fact that most organizations out there are not prepared to face a fully fledged, all-hands-on-deck, act-now-or-incur-serious-damage, crisis management situation. Some have no formal plan …

How Much Damage Do You Want to Incur From a Major Business Interruption?

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Recent burst of serious disruptions highlights need for crisis preparedness and planning Ransomware hackers shut down a critical oil pipeline. A single ship blocks the entire Suez Canal. Animal rights protestors blockade four McDonald’s distribution centers in the UK, impacting 1,300 restaurants. Covid-19 disrupts every aspect of the global supply …

The Very Hard Truth About Your Next Major Natural Disaster

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A discussion of some tough-to-swallow disaster preparedness truths, by Jonathan Bernstein If you’ve been denial about disaster preparedness, this may be a good time for you to avert your eyes, because you’re not going to like what I have to say.  It centers around this quote by an Emergency Services Coordinator …

How your customer service can create (or prevent!) crises

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Failures in day-to-day communications can create serious threats to reputation Customer service is a critical part of crisis management. The way each individual in your company treats stakeholders is a direct reflection of how your company feels about said stakeholders, whether it’s intended to be or not. Provide poor customer …

How Setting Realistic Expectations Prevents Crises

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Clashes create conflict One of our challenges as a crisis management firm is helping clients have realistic expectations about what we can accomplish for them. For example, if a situation can’t be “fixed” but only balanced enough that the lasting damage is limited, we’d be asking for trouble if we …

Case Study – Loss of Corporate Headquarters

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[Editor’s note: This case study comes to us courtesy of our colleague David J. Discenza, president of Discenza Business Continuity Solutions.] The Situation: A Fortune 100 financial services firm located in lower Manhattan, NY, requires each of its business units to run an annual table-top exercise of its business continuity plan. …

3 Reasons You Need to Practice for Crisis Management in 2017

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Don’t let a failure to practice hurt your operation in the new year You’ve got yourself a crisis management plan, and that’s great, but when crunch time hits that plan isn’t going to stand up and do the work for you. Just as you wouldn’t expect actors to put on …

Crisis Management Quotables…Because It’s Not Always Sunny!

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Prepare before trouble appears and reap the benefits Working for an organization that is, by its very nature, in the news every single day is a surefire way to learn a bit about PR. Add to that daily experience with high-level press releases and analytics that explore the latest in market …

New Study Reveals Crisis Management Problems for UK Orgs

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Telling stats on crisis preparedness A new study from Ignyte points toward worrisome trends among UK organizations. The survey polled 500 managers working across eight different sectors throughout the UK. Among the findings were that… 39% of managers say their higher management team were most likely to cause a crisis …