More Politicians Run Afoul of the Hot Mic

Busted by a boom

Hot on the heels of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s mic slip comes another politician stepping in it. Quipping back and forth with his fellow Australian, PM Tony Abbot, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton cracked wise about the very real fear mounting among Pacific Islanders of rising water levels devastating their homelands. His smirk quickly faded, however, when it was pointed out that a boom mic was directly overhead.

Dutton’s comments were met with public outrage, and he in turn met the outrage with the very definition of a non-apology. Interviewed for Sky News, Dutton stated:

“I made a mistake, I apologise to anyone who has taken offence. It was a light hearted discussion with the PM and I did not mean any offence to anyone.”

Of course what that comes across to stakeholders as is, “I didn’t mean for you to hear my tasteless joke, and I’m sorry I got caught.”

The reality is that we are constantly surrounded by recording devices both visible and not-so-much. If you simply must let that tasteless remark fly you’d do best to find somewhere you have guaranteed privacy. Or maybe, just maybe, keep the ugly thoughts to yourself.

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