Prepare and Prevent: Violence Impacting the Workplace

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Reducing the impact of sudden attacks

Violence impacting the workplace, including terrorism, is on the rise. Though it’s not pleasant to think about, working to prevent and preparing to handle active situations in advance can protect human life and reduce the impact to your organization.

We favor a holistic approach to most crisis prevention and preparedness efforts, including addressing violence that impacts the workplace. Interviewed for a recent Claims Journal article by Denise Johnson, BCM president Jonathan Bernstein explained the four types of professionals that can help you prepare for this type of situation:

  1. Security experts conduct physical audits and educate human resources on early warning signs that may appear in employee records.
  2. Human resources psychology experts provide information on the types of personalities to look for, warning signs and how to handle a person exhibiting potentially threatening behavior.
  3. Crisis communications experts help with creating procedures to follow in the event a violent attack occurs.
  4. Strategists conduct initial vulnerability audits.

You can learn a great deal from researching, and we’re always big fans of items you can implement yourself, but when it comes to preparing for situations where lives are literally at stake we recommend bringing in experts with specific knowledge you simply cannot gain through day-to-day operations.

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