The Role of Search Engine Optimization in Crisis Management

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What if a search using keywords associated with your business returned:

  • a vicious blog started by a disgruntled employee or if 75% of the results were critical of you and your business
  • your name prominently and negatively reported on legitimate websites like the Better Business Bureau or on known complaint sites like RipOff Report
  • your website on the second or third page behind these negative blogs or websites
  • your name associated with an investigation by a regulatory or enforcement agency

These circumstances can be devastating if you don’t know how to respond both quickly and correctly. Read the full story in the Crisis Manager: the Internet Newsletter about Crisis Management just released.

With some very specific search engine optimization tactics and internet strategies, you can weather the storm of negative commentaries. This is definitely an area, however, where doing nothing will result in damage to your reputation from which you may not be able to recover. Never forget how powerful the Internet is, how prevalent it is in everyone’s life.

Also, please revisit the Bernstein Crisis Management website for new information on our services and many articles that can guide you in your crisis response and management efforts. We have a reputation for managing crises quickly and professionally, backed by years of successful experience.

Jonathan Bernstein