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[Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from the Crisis Manager Newsletter, where we share our thoughts on current events and recap the best of the blogs each month.]

Whatever side you may be on, it’s been impossible to ignore the impact politics have had on business over the past several months. There is no better example than the backlash Uber has faced repeatedly as a result of its direct connection to President Trump via its CEO’s position on Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum.

The latest, and most volatile, reaction came swiftly after the ride-sharing app announced it would be turning off surge pricing during a one-hour taxi work protest against Trump’s policy banning certain immigrants at JFK airport last Saturday. People immediately started tweeting using the hashtag #DeleteUber, with many encouraging ride seekers to use Lyft instead.

In response, Lyft sent a statement standing against the ban Sunday which also shared the company’s plans to donate $1m to the American Civil Liberties Union. Then, in response to that, Uber announced the creation of a $3m defense fund to help drivers who may be impacted by the travel ban!

What’s really interesting from a “breaking down the crisis” point of view is that a good number of other large companies have connected themselves to the Trump administration via their CEO, just as Uber has…

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