We’re Giving Away “Keeping the Wolves at Bay”

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September 16, 2015 – Monrovia, CA Keeping the Wolves at Bay, the widely used media-training manual published by Jonathan Bernstein, president of Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc., is now being given away in its PDF format.   Formerly $10, there will be no charge for the publication as long as demand exists.   The hard copy version will no longer be sold.

“To the many buyers of my book – thank you,” said Bernstein.   “This is simply the latest extension of my ongoing willingness to share knowledge of the crisis management field, a topic that I’ve been privileged to help develop for over 30 years.   I am particularly hopeful that professors of public relations will make Keeping the Wolves at Bay available as something quite rare, a free textbook for their students.”

Although the current version – the third update – was published in 2010, its advice has stood the test of time and includes discussion of how social media communications interacts with traditional media relations.   The mindset and the tactics needed to optimize the results of exchanges with the media remain valid.   Bernstein has long made it “required” reading for those he media trains and reports far better results from those who actually spent some time with the book before their training sessions.

Industry peers and Bernstein clients have had words of praise for the manual.   Bruce Blythe of Crisis Management International said, “Uniquely, ‘Wolves’ provides content that can be easily read as a general overview, or studied in depth as a true crisis preparedness guide.”   Joan Stewart, “The Publicity Hound,” said, “It isn’t a substitute for media training, but it will give you the tools and confidence to go head to head – and possibly even defang – rabid reporters, blood-thirsty bloggers and social networking buffoons who are out to besmirch your good name.” And client, Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist and craigconnects, said that the book’s advice “helped me get the real stuff out there, and helped keep me out of trouble!”

A download link for the manual can be requested here.

Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc. was one of the world’s first virtual consultancies, providing 24/7 access to its president, Jonathan Bernstein, and a network of carefully screened and highly experienced crisis management experts who are on call nationwide and in many markets overseas. Bernstein Crisis Management engages in the full spectrum of crisis management services: crisis prevention, response, planning, training and simulations. The business was created in January 1994 and has been operated since then on the premise that its clients’ executive leadership wants direct assistance from experienced crisis management professionals.


Media Contact: Jonathan Bernstein, jonathan@bernsteincrisismanagement.com, 626-825-3838

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  1. Ron St.Hilaire

    So far what I have seen looks strong…and engaging. I am a retired Crisis Communications consultant ( not this name) . I learned long ago, when it cones to crisis communications, there are a lot of pretenders. Consultants with little or no real life experience. Obviously, you are not one of those. Bravo.

    I hope I can get a copy of your free e:book.

    1. Jonathan Bernstein

      If you haven’t already, just use the link in the blog post to go to the page where you can request a free download, and thanks for your kind words!


  2. Andy Fraser

    I’m relatively new to the Crisis Management field, and have found the information / tips / resources you have provided here to be invaluable for my work. The blog stories, the e-newsletter and the latest downloads are great resources. Thanks!!

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