When A Sudden Event Threatens Your Company, Step Up Like Wag

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This guest post comes to us from expert consultant, Bernstein Crisis Management team member, and founder of Jon F. Harmon Strategic Communications, Jon Harmon!

When a sudden event threatens your company, step up like Wag

What do you do if you’re a five-year-old company suddenly faced with an existential crisis—that is, an unexpected event that threatens the very future of your business?

If you are dog-walking service provider Wag and one of your independent contractor dog walkers has kidnapped the dog he was supposed to be protecting, and the Internet is beginning to light up, you pull all the stops to make things right. And then emerge with an even stronger brand.

Two days ago, a New York couple contracted Wag to walk their dog, Benny, as they had done many times before with good results. But this time the dog walker from Wag abruptly had to cancel, so the company sent a second walker. When he arrived at the Troper’s apartment, he discovered that Benny was missing. Wag called the couple who frantically contacted the police. Surveillance video showed an intruder keying in the code to the apartment and then stealing their dog.

“Someone walked into our apartment with the intent to take him, just him, no other valuables,” Max Troper said. No one beside the Tropers and Wag had the code to the apartment, so suspicion quickly centered on the dog walker who had cancelled.

At this point, things looked bleak for Wag, a fast-growing app-based company that unofficially aspires to be “the Uber for dogs.” Oh, and I should mention that the Tropers are pretty obsessive about their dog; in fact, Bennie has his own Instagram page. So this insider dog-napping case was quickly going viral.

Facing a tsunami of public anger if the situation was allowed to fester, what did Wag do?

  • Assure the Tropers that they would do everything possible to find Benny.
  • Immediately hire a private investigator to work with the NYPD to track down the rogue contractor and rescue Benny.
  • Have actress Olivia Munn, a prominent investor in Wag, message the couple expressing her support.

And say all the right things to the media every step of the way:

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