Guest Post: Workplace Data Security and Crisis Management

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[Editor’s note: This post comes to us courtesy of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Collat School of Business. If you have content you think would be a good fit for our blogs, email]

Steering clear of common workplace security pitfalls

While data security is an increasingly crucial part of crisis management for businesses of every shape and size, many breaches of data security are due to avoidable mistakes and employee negligence. And even though the methods of data theft are becoming increasingly sophisticated, security holes left open by practices such as ‘bring your own device’ policies are making it easier than ever for data leaks to occur.

Worst of all, these vulnerabilities are frequently made worse by the practices of senior managers and business owners. To boost data security, office leaders need to understand best practices, establish written security guidelines, and provide specialized training to those who deal with sensitive information.

Learn more with the studies compiled in the infographic below, created by UAB’s Online Master of Science in Management Information Systems program:


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