Learning from Cinnabon’s Carrie Fisher Tweet

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Don’t point outrage in your own direction with an inappropriate “tribute” share

Cinnabon’s Carrie Fisher tweet is the latest in a long string of inappropriate social media shares following the death of public figures. One concerning trend is that the majority of these faux pas have come from organizations large enough to have a serious social media team in place. While you might expect this to indicate some formal training on risk avoidance, the continued occurrences prove that’s not the norm.

Let’s throw ethics out completely and look at the issue from a purely logical standpoint. Attempting to capitalize on tragedy will draw attention, but it won’t be the type that leads to sales or new clients. Thus, why do it at all?

Memorial posts or sharing your feelings on a matter that impacts many can be an excellent way to pay tribute, but they aren’t always the best opportunity to show your organization has a little heart. If you do feel the commentary is most appropriate coming from a business page as opposed to a personal outlet, make certain you leave no doubt as to whether you are paying respect or advertising. Make a misstep there, and as we’ve seen the backlash will be swift.

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