NFL Quarterback Provides Quick Lesson in Apologies

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Humility, honesty, and a dose of good manners. It’s not often that we get to talk about positive media coverage of a star athlete, but with all of the “wrong way” examples out there it’s always refreshing to see someone who lives in the spotlight doing it right.

Mariota didn’t have to apologize at all. Heck, some players make a name for themselves refusing to deal with the media in any civil way. But, by choosing to do what a human being does when they feel they’ve wronged another, how much goodwill did he sow? Certainly a lot with the reporters there that day, reporters who might some day have the choice of whether to report on a negative rumor that’s making the rounds, or to repeat a potentially unsavory comment they happen to have overheard.

And don’t forget the power of Google. When potential sponsors search his name, what’s going to be one of the top results? Probably a video of him being a nice guy – something which makes anyone considering matching your face up with their brand feel a whole lot more secure in their decision. Of course, and this is getting a bit off the track of crisis management, there is also the power of a clear conscience. When your job involves intense focus on very specific goals, the last thing you want is regret for your actions (and in this case probably echoes of his mother’s voice!) rattling around upstairs.

Kudo to you Mr. Mariota, and good luck in the playoffs!

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