A Crisis Management Resolution for 2009

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To start the New Year off right, I wanted to offer you the format fora resolution that can and, in my opinion, should be adopted by anyorganization that has not engaged in comprehensive crisis planning. CRISIS MANAGEMENT RESOLUTION(Name of Your Organization Here) WHEREAS, (name of organization) is vulnerable to (add …

Continental Airlines Makes Classic Blunder

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Take at look at the statement released by Continental airlines after one of their planes slipped off the runway on takeoff at Denver airport today: Continental Airlines Statement Regarding Flight 1404 HOUSTON, Dec. 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) tonight confirmed that flight 1404, a Boeing 737-500 aircraft carrying …

Firearms Manufacturer Misfires

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In my December 13, 2008 Internet Newsletter About Crisis Management I featured an article by Claire Wolfe on Firearms Manufacturer Misfires. The article represents the damage that can befall a company’s reputation when they don’t respond appropriately to the demands of any given group. It is clear that responding is …

Great Crisis Leaders: 10 Key Characteristics

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In the recent article, Great Crisis Leaders: 10 Key Characteristics, by Pat Rowe, we are reminded of how leaderships’ core beliefs will affect the success or demise of a company or country. These steps include intellectual integrity, the ability to see the big picture, willingness to consider mutiple options, decisiveness, …

How to Prevent Situations from Becoming Crises

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In the November 2008 Crisis Manager, an article by Rene A. Henry offers 10 steps a company, organization or institution needs to take or have in place to prevent a crisis.  These steps include anticipating and having a Plan, responding immediately, avoiding overtalk, truth-telling, accepting responsibility, choosing the right spokesperson, …

How to Manage Internal Crises Related to the Economy

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The latest issue of Crisis Manager contains two excellent articles by guest authors on how to manage different types of internal crises resulting from bad economic conditions. Remember, the ezine is free, you can sign up at my website’s home page. Jonathan BernsteinPresidentBernstein Crisis Management, Inc.https://www.bernsteincrisismanagement.com

Crisis Management for Financial Firms

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Article by Bruce Horovitz in USA Today provides various and sometimes differing perspectives on how financial firms should communicate with their customers in the current very uncertain environment. Bruce was kind enough to make me one of his sources! Jonathan Bernstein

Crisis Management & Spirituality

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I just had the privilege of reprinting an article by renowned crisis management consultant and philosopher Ian Mitroff in my Crisis Manager ezine, as distributed by email to my subscribers. It will soon be archived on my website, but I wanted to go ahead and re-post the article here as …

We always knew he was all wet

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There’s not too much humor in a monster storm like Hurricane Ike, but when Geraldo Rivera tried to follow firefighters along a storm-whipped beach in Galveston…. JB Jonathan BernsteinPresidentBernstein Crisis Management, Inc.