Apologies for Failure to Turn on Links

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This here crisis manager is VERY embarrassed to realize that when this blog was originally started comments weren’t enabled and I never caught that until today, when an ezine reader attempted to find somewhere to post a comment! That error has been corrected! Jonathan BernsteinPresidentBernstein Crisis Management, Inc.

Hurricane Gustav Commentary

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This video is directly related to today’s issue of my ezine, “Crisis Manager,” which went out by plain text email and will soon be archived at my website. Jonathan BernsteinPresidentBernstein Crisis Management, Inc.

Strategic Reputation Management Planning

Jonathan Bernstein crisis management, reputation management

Experiences with various clients over the past decade led me, recently, to develop a new approach to what I’m dubbing “Strategic Reputation Management Planning.” Not merely crisis prevention and response. Not merely search engine optimization for reputation management. Not merely proactive PR to create and maintain a cushion of goodwill. …

Fay Fizzles – Post Storm Report

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Well, I wish I could tell you that I did all kinds of heroic crisis manager kinda things as the hurricane crashed upon us, but…although Tropical Storm Fay came ashore just a couple of miles south of us, I’ve seen worse rainstorms in Southern California. No harm here at my …

Calm before

Jonathan Bernstein crisis management

Seems as if the Tropical Storm may not become a Hurricane. I suspect it still wouldn’t be wise to go outside with my kite. We’re in the infamous “calm before.” One of my ezine readers (thank you, you know who you are!) sent me these useful links related to the …

Pre-storm preparations

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This is my first experiment using SightSpeed.com and a weak (PCS card) broadband connection to record a report “from the scene here” and hopefully successfully embed the code that will allow you to see it! Jonathan BernsteinPresidentBernstein Crisis Management, Inc.

John Edwards’ Brand of Crisis Management

Jonathan Bernstein crisis management

I think John Edwards did one heck of a job of “packaging” his confession of infidelity in a manner that will quickly put the issue behind him — as long as there are no other skeletons in the closet. The problem with many cases like his, of course, as Bill …

Crisis Managers With Unenviable Job

Jonathan Bernstein crisis management

Other than the huge fees, I have to say I’m not even remotely envious of the niche Cohn & Wolfe have chosen to fill in the field of crisis management. Infamous for their representation of the tobacco industry, they now take on “big marble,” which is faced, interestingly, with some …