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Ducking responsibility is not an option

Accountability is a word that’s thrown around a lot, usually by an angry mob of investors or other stakeholders just before they grab the proverbial pitchforks. And while it certainly appears in boardroom talks as well, dangerously often it’s as an abstract construct and not under the auspices of actually holding oneself accountable. Well known career coach and executive expert Nigel Dessau spoke volumes on the topic with a simple quote we’d like to share…

“In the real world, you either hold yourself accountable or someone else will.” — Nigel Dessau

Never has this been more true than now. The internet virtually guarantees that bad behavior will be exposed, and mass outrage can be sparked in seconds. One particularly compounding factor here has been the revelation that search rankings can be manipulated – if someone manages to get a negative item onto Page One of a Google search for your name, you’re in trouble.

What it boils down to is an acceptance that you can’t simply sweep negative items under the rug any more. It doesn’t take a long, drawn-out whistleblower process, it doesn’t take regulators getting involved, and it doesn’t take a headlining expose in the Times; all you need is one person with the time and desire (and enough internet savvy) to hold you accountable and it will happen.

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