Are You Dropping the Ball When it Comes to Crisis Management?

Shocking number of orgs have PR departments but are utterly unprepared to face a crisis

Awareness of the need for crisis management is on the rise, but once in a while we see a stat that makes us realize just how far we have to go. In a recent Nasdaq/PR News poll, a stunning 48% of communicators surveyed  stated either that their organizations don’t have a crisis communications plan in place or that they have no idea what it may be. That means nearly half of all organizations which have gone through the effort of hiring and maintaining PR staff are gambling on their ability to function with no guidelines when a major threat to reputation and the bottom line appears.

The players are in place, but there’s no playbook, coach!

The infographic goes into more details in terms of what types of preparedness and prevention activities organizations are engaging in, as well as providing a quick check for your own efforts. If you find yourself answering “no” to the questions within it’s time to reconsider how ready you really are to engage in crisis management.


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