Are You Neglecting Social Media Crisis Management?

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Not preparing for crisis is begging to have one

If you’re online reading this, chances are you know that almost every crisis or reputation threat today involves social media to some degree. Yet, a shocking number of organizations are not prepared to deal with crisis social media at all. It’s like riding in a car without a seatbelt — sure you could be okay, but why would you take the risk?

Let me lay some stats on you…

  • Seventy percent of respondents stated that they have a digital governance team and / or a Digital Center of Excellence, yet more than 30% have no social media policy or training for employees, although the use of branded and employee social media is quickly expanding across most organizations.
  • While organizations face a multitude of new challenges and concerns, only 33% use any tools or technologies to specifically manage social media brand, security, and compliance risks.
  • Less than 10% of organizations rated their digital and social media risk management maturity level as “optimized,” and at the other end of the spectrum, more than 30% are in the still in the initial stage of developing a comprehensive program.
    *numbers sourced from July 2017 JEM Consulting/Proofpoint study

“Winging it” is not a crisis management strategy. “We can probably handle a social media crisis” is not a phrase that inspires confidence among investors, business partners, or your client base. Grab that seatbelt and buckle up, because sooner or later you will be involved in a social media crisis and you won’t walk away unharmed if you haven’t prepared.

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