Technical Support Needs Technical Support: Time Warner is Good for a Laugh


Yesterday, for reasons unknown, my Internet broadband speed dropped by roughly 2/3, so I attempted to get Time Warner Cable support via their Live Chat option.  That required, first, that I provide my name and contact information, summarize the issue, and indicate what type of support I needed (e.g., tech support, billing, etc.).  I chose tech support, of course.  That brought a tech named Willy online (who, I suspect from his syntax, is not in the United States), and the following chat occurred (from the official transcript emailed to me afterwards by Time Warner):

Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable Chat

Micky:    Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Micky P. Please give me a moment while I access your account.

Jonathan_:    K thx

Micky:    Jonathan, I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Micky:    However, as this is regarding your internet speed i need to transfer you to our technical team.

Jonathan_:    ok

Micky:    Please be online while I transfer you.

Jonathan_:    still trying?

Micky:    I am not able to transfer due to techncial issues.

Micky:    *technical.

Micky:    I request you to contact us after some time.

Jonathan_:    Oh great.  YOU have a technical issue so you can’t help me with my technical issue?  This is going to make a REALLY good post on Twitter.

Micky:    I am sorry as it is not getting transferred , and we are billing team.

Jonathan_:    ok then, I asked for technical support in my original login, don’t know why I got billing team.  Bye!


What if I, as a crisis manager, wasn’t able to manage a crisis that I faced?

What if an accountant couldn’t make change at a poker game (wait, I know one who fits that description!)?

What if a cosmetic surgeon looked like he/she was in urgent need of plastic surgery?

What if a web design firm has a lot of broken links and errors on its own website (I’ve seen that – recently!)?


You have to be your own best client if you don’t want your reputation hurt.



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  1. Miriam Silverberg

    Welcome to the club! This has happened to me so often. I don’t use internet live
    chat but I use the phone, calling India (of course) and have trouble understanding
    the accent and then finding someone who can actually help me. I hate computers!

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