The Staggering Growth of Social Media

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Putting figures to the phenomenon

Our friend Chris Syme shared the below infographic, created by Overdrive Interactive to celebrate Social Media Day 2015, and we knew we had to pass it on to our readers here.

It’s common knowledge that social media’s been growing at a rapid clip, but when you look at the actual numbers it’s staggering how far things have come in just five years. Check it out:


This growth has changed the landscape of how we report and communicate, as well as making reputation a more fluid (and valuable) currency than ever before. This directly impacts how crisis management is done, setting a lightning-quick pace, demanding total accountability, and putting even “one time” mistakes in the limelight.

While the hot new thing will continue to shift over time, we’ll still be communicating one way or another. Stay on top of what your stakeholders are using, adapt along with them, and you’ll keep the lines of communication flowing.

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