Why 2024 Should Be the Year of Crisis Preparedness for Your Brand

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Why 2024 Should Be the Year of Crisis Preparedness for Your Brand

We’re going to pose a question here and, while it’s not a terribly complicated one, if you’re reading this post because you truly care about your own organization’s wellbeing then we’d suggest you stop, take a minute and really think about your answer. Ready? Here we go.

Is your brand equipped to handle a crisis if one were to erupt today? 

If you lost a major operations center overnight, if you were served papers for an unexpected lawsuit, if you found out right now that some previously unknown and damaging news was going to put you on the front page of the New York Times tomorrow, would you know what to do from minute one through resolution of the situation? If the answer is no, and let’s be real, for the majority of organizations out there the answer is 100% a hard no, then I have another question — what’s stopping you from getting prepared in 2024?

Despite a growing interest in crisis readiness, the stark reality is that a shocking percentage of organizations remain alarmingly unprepared for a significant crisis event that demands immediate, decisive action to prevent severe repercussions.

Some have yet to confront a truly dire situation and lack any formal strategy, while others have outdated plans collecting dust, untouched and unpracticed in years. Relying on the slim chance that another more pressing news story will overshadow your crisis is a risky gamble on a rare occurrence. Facing a crisis unprepared is like trying to weather a tornado without a shelter; sure you might get lucky but why take the risk when you can be prepared?

As a new year dawns, consider making 2024 the time your brand solidifies its crisis management strategy. It’s not about dodging every negative mention or critique in the press or on social media platforms. It’s about having a robust, actionable plan  and a structure for decision making that will minimize damage, maintain your operational integrity, and preserve your reputation when the inevitable occurs.

Investing in crisis preparedness and planning, including engaging activities like tabletop crisis simulations and consistent media training, is not just an exercise; it’s an essential investment in your brand’s future. When faced with an unavoidable crisis, a well-devised crisis management plan, coupled with practical experience from trainings, becomes your blueprint to navigate through the turmoil effectively, keeping costs down, reducing room for error, and ensuring your brand’s longevity.

Budgeting is a fundamental part of business operations, and we recognize that proper crisis preparedness doesn’t come free. While being prepared does come with an upfront investment, anyone with experience in crisis management will tell you that the cost of encountering a major crisis unprepared can far exceed the expense of proper planning and training. It’s a matter of weighing immediate costs against long-term risks and impacts.

A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was. — Joseph Hall, English bishop and satirist

It’s an uncomfortable truth, but in today’s digital age, crises can leave a digital footprint that lasts forever. Should a similar issue arise in the future, be assured that past crises can easily resurface under scrutiny from keen social media users and investigative journalists alike. The stress of this scrutiny is not to be underestimated.

So, what’s the antidote to this pressure? Preparation. By being ready and using your preparedness to mitigate as much damage as possible, you can more swiftly return to “business as usual.” Make 2024 the year your brand becomes synonymous with resilience and readiness, the year your brand commits to comprehensive crisis preparedness. Equip yourself with the tools, plans, and training necessary to handle whatever comes your way. After all, in the world of crisis management, those prepared are those who thrive.

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