3 Questions to Help Steer You Clear of Social Media Blunders

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Quick tips to save you from cringe-inducing mistakes

Looking at lists like ClickZ’s “10 most cringeworthy social media” is painful. Not only because of the harm these organizations inflict on themselves, but also because so many of the mistakes are quite easy to avoid.

Although the possibility of being completely blindsided always exists, avoiding the social media cringe factor is simple. Before launching social media campaigns or hitting the SEND button, stop and ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Does my message accurately represent my organization’s core values?
  2. How could my messaging be misconstrued or otherwise turned around?
  3. Is it appropriate for me/my organization to take part in this particular conversation?

To take things a bit further, grab a couple folk from different backgrounds and have them run through the questions as well. This will allow you to pick on up perceptions you otherwise may have missed on your own and generally helps ensure you’re not at risk.

And, if you’re still concerned you may wind up on a cringeworthy list, our AvoidTheApology service can help you take preventing reputation threats to the next level.

There are plenty of unpredictable and unpreventable ways your reputation can be harmed. Whether you do it yourself or consult a pro, stopping problems before they start is a must.

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